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What Can I Learn?


Your Choices are Endless

Writers are not unlike other professionals.  We specialize.  There are as many different fields in the area of writing as there are in medicine or law.  And not unlike these disciplines our specialties make us who we are.  So why not take the course that speaks to you.  Are you a fiction writer? A Nonfiction writer? Perhaps you love Poetry? Regardless of what you love, we either have a course or will create one that perfectly fits your needs.  Yes, we are are a customizable Academy.  Your needs are our main concern.


"In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn."

― Phil Collins


One Day Intensive Seminars

Make Money Writing


   Social Media for Writers


Writers use to question the need for a website. Now they are realizing that having a website is only the first step in running a successful writing business.  Regardless, of the type of writing you provide, not only must you have a website, but you must have an active presence on all of the popular social media sites.  Yes, you must be on facebook, twitter, instagram and linkedIn.  It all seems so difficult to figure out.  You could hire someone to handle your social media, but that may cost you a small fortune.  So why not learn the basics to promote your career in this one day seminar.


You will learn how to join each of these sites and their many productive uses in relation to the type of campaign you require to promote your book or writing career.  By the end of the seminar you will no longer be mystified when someone asks you to "like" their page or if you will "follow" or "friend" them. 


We will discuss the dos and don'ts of what should be revealed on these sites, as well as the most productive days and times to post on these sites to get the most "views."


We will also touch upon blogging and newsletter promotion as other ways to self-promote.


Stop spending unnecessary expense on costly advertising methods when you can learn how to grow your business at no cost through the use of social media.







Are you sick of your nine to five job? Have you dreamed of being able to spend more time with your kids?  Do friends and family compliment you on how well you write?  Or, maybe you are just looking for a way to bring in extra money without leaving home?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you should consider becoming a Professional Freelance Writer?


This interactive workshop is exactly what you need to start living your dream.  Learn about the numerous ways you can earn money as a writer.  Learn how to become your own boss by starting your own business.


This one day interactive seminar will teach you about the various ways to make money as a writer.  Topics such as magazine writing, ghostwriting, blogging, copywriting, website writing, children's writing, technical writing, travel writing,  and business writing, are just some of the areas that will be explored during this fact filled seminar. 


All Students who complete this course will be published in San Diego Woman Magazine or in San Diego Woman's Digital Newsletter, providing a professional writing clip that can be used to begin, or build, your writing portfolio.

Writing for Children

Young Adult and Children’s books are a hot trend in the writing marketplace.  Our "Writing for Children" Intensive Seminar will teach you how  to write for this very special group of readers.  How do you know what type of writing is appropriate for which age group?  How can you write a children's book, that will create a sensation, maybe be made into a movie, and possibly make you rich and famous? This is a dream we all have, but first the basics. Learn the best methods for creating content and characters that will make a child fall in love with your writing, and become a loyal follower. Find out how to write everything from picture books to young adult novels.  Find out how to get your books and articles published, and which methods work best for promotion.  Bring your work to share during our workshop segment of this seminar and get feedback and ideas from fellow Children’s Authors.  This is a day you won’t forget and one that will lead you to the career you always imagined.  Lunch is also included with full menu selection.  Click on Go To Sign Up Page to sign up now!  All students who complete this course will receive a certificate for a free advertisement for your children's book in San Diego Woman Magazine. Spaces are filling up quickly. Sign up Now!

 Promoting Yourself as a  Writer




The New Year's Resolutions have come and gone, but there is one which is not going to be forgotten.  You want to see your name in print.  You crave a byline, you want to finally get the book you have had in your head onto paper and out to the Publishers.  This course will tell you how to make this happen.  Whether you are a novice writer, and only have a concept, or you have three completed unpublished books sitting in your desk drawer, you will come out of this Intensive Interactive Workshop ready to join the ranks of published writers.

This course is taught in a one day "intensive" workshop.  You will learn the business of writing, learn the secrets that are only known by those in the industry, and you will actually create within the workshop.  Whether you are trying to get a book, an article, a poem or a screenplay published, this class will tell you how. Our association with San Diego Woman Magazine will also allow your instructor to on the spot accept your work for future publication in the only women's magazine in San Diego. 


Business Writing

No matter what business you are in, it is a necessity that you can communicate effectively with your client base.  Studies have shown that the more you communicate with your customers, the more successful your business will be.  The inability to do so will often impede the growth of your business.  This seminar will focus on various forms of business writing, including sales letters, marketing materials, brochures, website content, white papers, resumes, newsletters and client correspondences. 


This seminar is offered at our normal locations and also at your corporate location for full staff attendance.  Prior review of all corporate printed materials is included in pricing for corporate presentations along with review and edits where needed.  Increase your company's profits by training your entire staff to improve their writing skills.

Intensive Writer's Workshop

Some students have attended our Writer's Workshop in the past, but this is a Writer's Workshop on Steroids.  Not only will you share your current project, but you will work on it to improve it with the help of the instructor, editors and other writers during this one day intensive seminar.  Are you experiencing writer's block?  Are you unsure which ending would be best? Do you need help with the flow of the piece? All of this will be addressed and students will be taught how to successfully edit their own work and what genres are trending so they can make their projects timely and increase their chances for success.  Top choices from the workshop will be selected for publication in San Diego Woman Magazine.

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