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What Are They Saying?

Learn what students had to say about Judith Habert

and their experiences in her classes.

"We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own."

- Ben Sweetland


After retiring, I wondered what I could do with my time.  You can only crochet so many Afghans and baby quilts.  I used a cane to walk, so I was limited on mobility.  And I certainly didn’t want another job.  I thought of writing a book, something I’ve always wanted to do, but how to begin?  I didn’t know any authors.  And I certainly didn’t have thousands of dollars to work with.  Then I saw a listing for a writing class taught by Judith Habert.  I took a chance and signed up.  That choice changed my life.  


Judith gave us useful information, helped us find our inner author and showed us our worth.  But of everything she taught me, I remembered one thing the most:  at some point you must let go of your book and publish it.  It will never be as perfect, as exact or as flawless as you want it to be.  If you wait for it to be these things, you will never publish it.    So I got the book to a point where I felt it was pretty good, got it editing, and published it. That was nine books ago.  I am now an international bestseller.  





Thank you, Judith for your inspiration and support.



P. R. Garcia
Author of Europa Saga
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Ju·dith 1  (jo̅o̅′dĭth) 

In the Bible, a Jewish heroine who rescued her people by slaying an Assyrian general.


Judith Habert lives up to her namesake in the slaying of my dragons...the imagined obstacles and excuses as to why I should not write or publish.  She has helped me, an artist, take my visual references and verbalize them.  Judith's experience enables her to provide current information and new skill sets that help the entrepreneur writer succeed.  I am ready to take more classes to develop my stories and advance to print.  Now, where is that sword she gave me? 


Deeba Van Overberghe, Studio Deeba



Judith’s high level of expertise and experience as a writer are delivered in an impressive manner. Her knowledge is personably communicated and has allowed me to develop my writing skills and has motivated me to pursue my dream of becoming a writer.  Her classes prepared me to contribute articles to San Diego Woman Magazine. So many new adventures are now a part of my life because of this opportunity. Judith’s classes have enhanced my writing skills and I look forward to joining her again.


Jim Mutton




Judy Habert changed my life


By taking one of her classes, I thought I might meet some interesting fellow writers or, more probably, some really strange people.  Instead, I was welcomed into the classroom by a warm, effervescent woman who seemed as excited about the class as I. 


At first, I was impressed by Judy’s kindness.  She insisted that, before we began our criticism of each other’s work, we must first begin by praising at least one aspect of the other author’s endeavor.

By the end of that first class, I discovered that Judy had an astute understanding of each student’s potential, and that she skillfully wove her magic to bring out the best in each of us.  She gave out her own self-imagined creative writing assignments and told us of future writing contests in which she thought we should engage.


For me, the best reward in meeting Judy was that she gave me a chance to write an article for San Diego Woman, the magazine she publishes and for which she is the Editor in Chief.  I could not believe she was so generous and trusting that she gave me, a first-time student and never-before-published writer, the gift of a lifetime dream.


But Judy is more than a great teacher and an avenue to get yourself published.  She genuinely cares about people.  She honestly wants to connect individuals to each other and to the passions they share.  She is an extremely talented writer.  In her magazine articles, she makes others shine, and she examines current topics of conversation, and reviews long-held beliefs that may have reached their due date.


Johnnie Morphis




Learning from Judith taught me so much that I took her class twice, and achieved amazing results!

The first class gave me the skills and confidence to get a job writing online for the NY Times. After the second class I gained the knowledge, skills and confidence to write and publish a book! I highly recommend learning from Judith all that she has to offer.

Her classes are fun, information and inspiring. She possesses a wealth of information, and shares it with clarity and enthusiasm.


Kathryn Rudlin, Author of Ghost Mothers: Healing From the Pain of a Mother Who Wasn’t Really There



I have attended writing classes with Judith Habert and found her to be an excellent instructor and motivator. With her help I gained the confidence to write a book that she encouraged me to submit to publishers. I am now a published author and have Judith to thank for guiding me along this journey.


Carol A. Haines


JUDITH HABERT’S writing classes and workshops are a rewarding and turning point in one’s literary pursuit. Judith unravels the secrets of the trade, gives guidance and encouragement to her students of all levels . The classroom environment is positive and practical – you learn how to ‘get it on paper’! If there is a writer within you, Judith will find it!


Barbara Cooper

Former student – published writer



Judy's writing class was an excellent introduction for anyone who has ever entertained the idea of becoming a writer.  Through her classroom exercises, I felt like a well had been tapped into that had long been dormant and ideas and characters sprang forth that I didn't know existed.  With classroom participation and Judy's careful tutelage, I felt like becoming a writer was really possible. The handouts each week and where to turn for further assistance, gave me all the tools I needed to begin a career in writing. Given her own successes, I found her class inspirational.


Laurel Lilly



I wasn’t sure what I’d gain from Judith’s class already being a writer, but I was pleasantly surprised. She has you jump right in with both feet, with impromptu exercises, tips, and information she’s already researched, saving you time on what’s hot and what’s not. You’d be a fool not to take her classes; I can’t wait till the next one.


Eva Starr, chef and writer, Escondido, CA



I have had the privilege to attend several of Judith Habert's writing classes and seminars.  As a fledgling writer, I found her instruction to be informative, entertaining and motivating.  Judith is experienced in all aspects of writing from the creative spark of the first idea to the steps necessary to publish your completed magazine article or book.  Whether you write as a hobby or want to pursue writing as a career, I highly recommend Judith Habert as an experienced resource!


Deanna Bates

Career Teacher and Closet Writer!



Judith Habert is an inspiration as a teacher and a person.  I attended her writing workshops and was in awe of her boundless energy.  Not only does she keep a full schedule working on her San Diego Woman magazine, she also teaches adult evening classes.  She is tireless, encouraging and always makes sure everyone’s questions are answered.  Her classes are always fun and entertaining, and packed with valuable information.  Thanks to Judith, I was inspired to keep up with my writing and have already had a few articles published.  I look forward to attending more of her workshops in the future.



Diane Netter


I’m not sure what possessed me to sign up for Judith Habert’s six-week, creative writing class, but it set my imagination free.  I was hooked and began writing short stories and poems for fun.  I’ve always enjoyed reading mysteries, so it’s not surprising that I am now writing in this genre.  If it weren’t for Judy’s enthusiasm, encouragement and excellent tutorial, I would never have seen my stories published in IdeaGems, The Storyteller, Adventures of the Average Woman, Crusin’ Style Magazine and Tough Lit.  Judy’s a great teacher and mentor. 


Barbara-Helene Smith (





Judith Habert is a wonderful teacher, well versed in the art of writing and the many facets of publishing.

She offers insightful tips on how to improve one's writing skills, research helpful resources, and submit

for publication. Always ready with encouragement and constructive critique, Judith makes learning less

arduous and intimidating, and a fun experience.


Jim Hoang Author of "Once upon a Mulberry Field"



I enjoyed Judith's classes and took away several ideas for both self-publication and article pitching. Have published a few articles since. Now if only she could clear my schedule so I could apply the skills more!


Anne Daniells


After three years, five writing courses and various seminars I feel that I can positively entrust my writing knowledge thanks to the teachings of Judith Habert. Her professionalism of both traditional and computer-online writing is admirable. With her vast knowledge of both successful writing and editing, I highly reccommend Judith Habert for her writing classes and seminars.


Gerald M. Neff


I felt Judith Habert was not just knowledgable about the subject of creative writing, but very inspirational besides! She gave us interesting assignments to bring out our imagination and creativity. She awoke a sleeping dragon within me, one I welcomed eagerly. I have taken two classes with Judith, and planning on taking more. There is nothing like kick starting ones creativity and putting it to work to make life more worth while, no matter how good it already is at the moment.


Janice Booth



Judy is very supportive, knowledgeable and she provides significant information.  The class is encouraging us to write and follow through to get published.  Thanks to Judy and her method.


Henry Pugh 








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