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                                        You Can Learn From Home.


If you are looking to switch careers or add a part-time source of income to your household, the answer is often going back to school to learn a new skill or trade.  How can you do this with your current job and family obligations?  College costs are higher than they have ever been.  Perhaps, you have a small child who requires you stay at home.  There are not many jobs which allow you to make a good income, and still not miss out on those precious moments.  You can learn from the comfort of your own home with one of our Customized Learning Programs (CLP)  If it is magazine writing you enjoy, Children's writing, Technical writing, Travel Writing, Feature Writing, or you want to write the next Great American Novel, this can all be accomplished through our CLP tract.  If you have a specific area in which you want to become proficient, we can plan a course of study which will achieve this for you.  Give us a call or an email, and let us start you on the road to a new profession and a new more enriched life. 



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