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What Can I Learn?


The Choices are endless and growing every day.  Below is a listing of a handful of existing courses.  Feel free to contact us with any new course ideas.


Make Money Writing


Are you sick of your nine to five job? Have you dreamed of being able to spend more time with your kids?  Do friends and family compliment you on how well you write?  Or, maybe you are just looking for a way to bring in extra money without leaving home?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps you should consider becoming a Professional Freelance Writer?


This interactive workshop is exactly what you need to start living your dream.  Learn about the numerous ways you can earn money as a writer.  Learn how to become your own boss by starting your own business.


This one day interactive seminar will teach you about the various ways to make money as a writer.  Topics such as magazine writing, ghostwriting, blogging, copywriting, website writing, children's writing, technical writing, travel writing,  and business writing, are just some of the areas that will be explored during this fact filled seminar. 


Magazine Writing


Have you always wanted to write for magazines?  Do you dream of seeing your byline on a magazine article?  This intensive seminar will teach students how to break into the magazine marketplace.  It will touch upon various forms of writing for magazines: including special sections, features, columns, interviews, reviews and more.



Writing a Book


Perhaps you always wanted to write a book?  Possibly, the Great American Novel?  Or maybe your chosen field is in need of a great book by an expert such as you?  As they say, books are the new business card.  Why not introduce yourself with your book? Many writers dream of writing a book, but they don't know where to start.  This seminar will teach you step by step from concept to completion.  Just think, in a few short months you could be a published author of a book. First you need to sign up for this seminar and learn all of the ins and outs of writing a book.



Getting Published Now


Have you always wanted to get your writing published? Do you want to know what it takes to obtain your dream? What if you could find the way to bypass obstacles on the way to publication? This class will show you the way to make a living doing what you have always wanted to do.  Along with this seminar comes the promise to be published in San Diego Woman Magazine.


Improving Your Writing


You have always been told what a good writer you are, but somehow you don't know how to get to the next level.  Perhaps, all you need is a little direction, to get to the level you need in order to sell your writing.  This seminar is one of our most interactive, giving attendees a day to hone their writing skills.


Online Writing


With the advent of online magazines and millions of websites, there is suddenly a need for writers who can write for the web.  This is a unique way to write, unlike writing for traditional medium, web writing is short and to the point.  If you have always enjoyed this style of writing take our Seminar on Online Writing and start reeling in the money from your online writing job.


Freelance Writing


Do you dislike the idea of working a 9-5 job,  an having to account for every moment of your day?  Freelance writing will get you away from the duldrums of a structured occupation.  Every day is new and unique.  One day you may be writing about a local event and the next day you  are traveling to cover a sporting event across the country.  With freelance writing you create your own schedule and mold your own career. 



Resume Writing


At some point almost everyone is in need of a resume to apply for their ideal job.  How would it feel to be helping individuals attain their dreams by creating their perfect resume.  A resume is in essence a sales letter selling the individual to their potential employer.  Learn the elements needed to make a living selling your skills as a resume expert.


Humor Writing


Is there anything more fulfilling than making people happy? Being a humor writer allows you to put a smile on the faces of your readers.  Afterall, doesn't everyone love a good laugh.  Think of the myriad of television programs that rely on the minds of humor writers for their creation.  If you are always the life of the party and can view life in a way that makes those around you laugh out loud, then this seminar is for you.


Business Writing


You need to write letters and emails for your business, but you are always struggling to improve the way your messages are expressed to colleagues and potential clients.  For many of us it has been many years since we first took business classes, but now a large amount of our job relies on written communication and we cringe at the thought that the entire company will be getting the memo we are about to send out.  If you feel that your business and sales letters can be better, given the right assistance, spend a day at our business writing Seminar. You will gain all the knowledge and expertise you need to get that promotion you have been wanting.




Every company out there needs help selling their product or services.  The biggest companies rely on copywriters to make the descriptions sing.  In just a few words, you can sell a product or service.  If you have this type of talent you will be in huge demand.  Our copywriting seminar will teach you the tools of the trade to earn a very nice living helping companies present their products in a way that will increase sales.  in return you will receive a high paying position doing something you love.


Writing for Children


Young Adult and Children’s books are a hot trend in the writing marketplace.  Our "Writing for Children" Intensive Seminar will teach you how  to write for this very special group of readers without dumbing things down.  How do you know what type of writing is appropriate for which age group?  How can you write a children's book, that will create a sensation, maybe be made into a movie and possibly make you rich and famous? This is a dream we all have, but first the basics. Learn the best methods for creating content and characters that will make a child fall in love with your writing and become a loyal follower. Find out how to write everything from picture books to Young adult novels.  Find out how to get your books and articles published and which methods work best for promotion.  Bring your work to share during our workshop segment of this seminar and get feedback and ideas from fellow Children’s Authors.  This is a day you won’t forget and one that will lead you to the career you always imagined.  Lunch is also included with full menu selection.  Click on Go To Sign Up Page to sign up now!  Spaces are filling up quickly.


Proof Reading & Copy Editing


Are you the type of person who finds errors in everything you read?  Are you a stickler for details?  Proof reading and copy editing is an in demand career.  Every publication, both print and online, require a discerning set of eyes to be certain that no mistakes end up in their final product.  This seminar will test you and teach you the tricks to catch all of those errors and put out a flawless publication.  One of San Diego's top copy editors will be providing information to make you a sought after copy editor.






The newest way to make money as a writer is becoming a professional blogger.  Imagine being paid generously to simply state your opinions to the rest of the world.  Whether it is fashion, news, sports, or lifestyle blogging, you will find a site that is in need of quality bloggers to make a name for them and to get readers to come back everyday to read your compelling copy.  Learn the secret of affiliate programs to allow you to make extra money by directing readers to vendors that will pay you for your leads.  This is a growing field in writing and one that you can do from the comfort of your own home.  This Seminar will teach you how to be a success by sharing your feelings and opinions with the world.


Mystery Writing


'Who done its' are always one of the most popular genres of writing.  If you have a mind for mystery and can create characters who will be enthralling to your readers, then mystery writing is for you.  How do you craft a story giving small clues along the way, without giving away the plot?  You will learn the specifics of mystery writing and receive an interactive day of practice honing your craft of mystery writing.



Fiction Writing


Your imagination knows no limits.  Learn how to create characters who will write the story for you.  Define the players in your story and learn how to make the reader identify with and love each and every one of them.  This is your chance to write that Great American Novel.  Perhaps, it will be so beloved that it will become a motion picture or perhaps a made for TV movie.  The possibilities are endless.  This seminar puts you to work analyzing how you develop your plot and characters. 



Memoir Writing


Is your life memorable?  Do you have children or grandchildren who want to learn more about you and your life growing up?  Have things happened to you that no one knows,  and now you are finally ready to tell your story?  Would you want all of the lessons you learned in life to end with your passing? Memoir writing is perhaps the most important type of writing that you will ever do.  During this seminar you will learn how to outline your life story and move forward towards putting it all down on paper.


Non-Fiction Writing


Have you solved a problem that others might also experience? Have you knowledge that you want to share? Have you learned something that is worthy of a book. If you are a professional trained in an area and you want to put your knowledge and experience in a book, this is the Seminar for you.  Learn how to teach through writing without alienating your readers. 


Writing your (or someone else's) Biography


How do you tell someone's story or even your own for that matter.  Know how to select the details that will keep your reader's interest throughout the entire length of your book.  Learn how to layout the timeline to keep your readers anxiously moving forward and unable to put your book down.  Teach the lessons you have learned throughout your story and share them with your readers.  In Seminar exercises will teach you interview techniques and how to edit your own story to make it a best seller.



Traditional vs. Self Publishing


For many years, writers didn't believe they had truly succeeded as a writer unless a traditional publisher bought their book.  Today, writers have realized that self publishing or print on demand publishing is not only more lucrative, but also the most intelligent move you can make. Learn the differences between traditional publishing and self publishing as well as which publisher is the one for you.  After this seminar, not only will you know which publishing is for you, but you will learn exactly what you need to do from start to finish to end up with a book of which you will be proud.




Do you really care that your name is in print, or is it more important that you can produce a product for which you are handsomely paid?  Do you love research? Can you keep a secret?  If this is true than ghostwriting may be the area in which you will excel.  Those who truly love to write and get great pleasure from producing a piece of great writing sign up for our Ghostwriting Seminar and be on your way to success in a field you will love.




The seminars listed above are just the beginning.  Seminars are being added weekly.  If you don't see the area that interests you just drop us an email at





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